Focus on Wellness
There are  key  activities that we  would  like to slowly  initiate into our  Resident's daily  routine (after Doctor's consent is obtained).
  1. Group  exercise routines like brisk  walking  a few  blocks inside the gated subdivision and  flexibility exercises to be  integrated into the daily  routine
  2. Healthy Nutrition is crucial at this stage in our  Senior Resident's life. We have consulted a Nutritionist and  came up  with  menus that provide balanced, varied, appealing and  delicious food/nutrients.  Comfort food like dinuguan, adobo and  the likes  may  be  served  in some occasions as requested by  Residents. We have contracted a local  supplier of pork  who practices natural/organic farming so  we  could ensure better  quality of meat. Luckily,  Cebu  offers local  varieties of fresh fruits and  vegetables which  makes dining  a better experience in our  home
  3. Ample  amount of sleep and  relaxation is essential to our  Senior Resident's lifestyle. We do  our  best to give  them a comfortable, peaceful and  quiet environment to indulge in this very important past time.
All our  Resident's will undergo a Wellness Check-up with  a Licensed Physician within 10 days after his or her  arrival. This  will put the Resident at ease with his or her  current physical condition and  assessments would  be  done accordingly. Residents and  family  members are  to informLIFE CAREof any medical condition prior  to Resident's admission to our  program. We will expect honesty and  cooperation from both Resident and  family  members. This  will enable us  to care for  the Resident at the best of our  abilities.



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