Health Care in the Philippines

Philippine Health Care Advantages

Generally, health care services in the Philippines cost relatively less than in the United States, Europe or other parts of the globe. 

Philippine Medical Tourism is fast gaining popularity since most medical procedures can be done at significantly lesser costs, with proficient physicians, most with first-world training and updated facilities now available throughout the country.

Filipino physicians also have extensive experience in treating diseases found only in third world countries; hence their exposure to tropical diseases is more diverse.

This also holds true for other health professionals like dentists, physical therapists and nurses.  But on top of all this, Filipino Physicians are well regarded for demonstrating a high level of empathy for their patients' concerns.

Insurance Options

Insurance health coverage in the Philippines is generally limited up to 65 years of age.

Popular health insurance companies include the government-owned Phil Health (which is the most popular and affordable, but also the most limited), BCBS, and Maxi Care.

However a few insurance companies offer ?exible plans where your funds could be used if someone falls ill from certain diseases.

Health bene?ts are built into a retirement / life insurance plan. Companies like Pru Life UK, Philam Life, Sun Life, Insular Life Ayala Life and Prudential Life are major players in this industry.

Due to the low cost of health services, expats and balikbayans are not too concerned about the expense issue and live happy and healthy lives in the Philippines.

A modest retirement fund from their social security or other sources of income are often enough to prepare them for any future health-related expense.  Here, expats and balikbayans can live meaningful lives where good food, family and friends are abundant!

At your request, we can recommend you to a few established professionals in the insurance business who will be more than happy to assist you with your needs. Just ask.

Proximity to Major Medical Facilities/Hospitals

As an overall safety feature, our LifeCare Residence facility is located approximately 2 kilometers away from the following hospitals and major medical centers:

  1. Chong Hua Hospital - A Joint Commission International -accredited healthcare institution and the largest hospital in the Visayas and Mindanao.
  2. Cebu Doctor?s Hospital - A leading medical university in Cebu for Healthcare Education.



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