Concerns as we age

As we age, we become more and more concerned about our future.

It is not surprising that many of our folks worry needlessly because they are not sure how they will be treated by their family when they are unable to care for themselves.

Below is a summary of the concerns that you may choose to discuss with your aging parent, spouse or any loved one who is getting closer to this stage in their lives.

  1. Who will take care of me when I am unable to care for myself?
  2. How will I be treated when I can no longer do things for myself?
  3. How will my family members treat me?
  4. What kind of medical care will I receive?
  5. How will my health hold up as I get older?
  6. How long will I be able to live on my own?
  7. Will any of my family members take advantage of me and steal money from me?
  8. At what point will my family members take over and ask for Power of Attorney privileges?
  9. Which family member can I trust?
  10. Which family member can I not trust?
  11. How long will I live?
  12. Are there any facilities who could assist me, just in case my family is unable to take care of my needs?
  13. Am I better off living in a place where there are medical staff managing my day to day care?
  14. Can I make advance arrangements so I will not have to worry when I am unable to make these arrangements?
  15. Will I have a good doctor?
  16. Will my insurance or savings cover all the expenses that will be incurred as I get older?
  17. Will I have enough money to last my life time?
  18. Will my children be there for me and help me financially, physically and emotionally?
  19. Will any of my children be around or would they be away?
  20. How much will it cost if a nursing home or assisted living facility will be the best care option for me?
  21. Who could I talk to about these concerns?

All of the above questions are honest and legitimate concerns and should not be taken for granted.

If you are a senior reading this article, talk these issues out with a family member whom you are most comfortable with. These concerns can be addressed or may have already been discussed. Be assured that no matter what happens, a family member will be there for you. You are loved.

If you are a family member reading this article, please know that your aging parent or loved one may have these thoughts in mind.



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