Independent Living

Worry-Free Independent Living Services

Independent Living as defined by LifeCare Philippines is simply worry-free living!

Total freedom from the hassles of daily chores like home upkeep or meal preparations and the worry of living alone.

At Life Care Residences, our aim is to provide you or your loved one, quality Independent Living services that simulate a home atmosphere, minus the tasks that can already be too demanding or stressful for elderly persons and persons with disabilities.

We tailor fit social, cultural, recreational and religious activities that our residents would like and enjoy.   If you want to discover new interests like baking, cooking, ballroom dancing, playing the piano - now is the time!

We could find you the right person to assist you in any endeavor you decide to take on.   Cebu has so many talented musicians, artists and cooking enthusiasts who could share their passion with you.

We are here to give you the quality of life you deserve!

Who Can Be Independent Living Residents?

LifeCare Residents on Independent Living status are independent for the most part, but may opt to have limited assistance in their daily routines.

If you or your loved one requires only a minimum level of supervision to ensure safety, then you are an ideal candidate for this level of care.  We will be there mainly to provide companionship and socialization in a family-like setting.

LifeCare's Independent Living Program will appeal to seniors who can care for themselves without outside assistance but who live alone and are struggling with isolation, lack of stimulation, and often, a degree of concern for their well- being should they have an accident with no one around.

It will be up to you to establish their own criteria as far as what they do or do not want assistance with. We will make adjustments according to you or your loved one's individual requirements.



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