Independent Living



Independent Living

Independent living is a housing arrangement designed exclusively for seniors, generally those aged 55 and over; as well as for persons with disabilities. Housing varies widely, from apartment-style living to freestanding homes. In general, the housing is friendlier to older adults and person with disabilities.

Our Independent Living program at Life Care will provide assistance to residents in developing the skills needed to self-direct their own lives. We believe that older adults have the right to make their own decisions and live in the comfort of a home where amenities and provisions are consistently and efficiently rendered.

Our independent living program will utilize a custom-made approach to assure that each resident has all the necessary tools and amenities to be able to go about their daily activities with less or more assistance, however they see fit. We aim to instill in our residents the independent living skills they need to have a wholesome and quality of life they deserve.

What are Independent Living Skills?

Independent living skills are those skills necessary to live as independently as possible. Such skills may include but are not limited to: housekeeping, cooking, time management, shopping, laundry, and budgeting. Skills may be related to social/recreational activities such as: utilizing leisure time in a satisfying manner, or knowing where to find appropriate social activities/resources.

Who Needs Independent Living Skills?

All older adults and some persons with disabilities should try to continue developing their independent living skills throughout their lives or as long as they are able. This is necessary not only to give them the sense of freedom to decide for themselves but also the ability to live life to the fullest capacity. Our program will encourage people with disabilities to develop new independent living skills or enhance their existing skills. It is up to the individual to make the choice on how independent they would like to be. They are individually responsible to dedicate the time and energy in setting their goals to develop or sustain the skills they currently possess. Each individual decides on the goals they can set for themselves, to gain the independence they desire; for as long as they are able.

In-Home Care

Independent Living Services offers a number of affordable personal care packages to give you as much—or as little—care as you need. All of our packages can be tailored to suit your unique care needs.

What We Offer?

Our Independent Living program offers all the benefits of being in a home-like atmosphere, but removes the worry of being alone We also offer services of doing household chores, laundry and other products and services that an individual may need. We will tailor fit social, cultural, recreational and religious activities that our residents would like and enjoy talented musicians, artists and cooking enthusiasts who could share their passion with you. We are here to give you the quality of life you deserve.

Life Care Independent Living housing arrangement mainly provides the feeling of community and socialization in a family-like setting. This program will appeal to seniors who can care for themselves without outside assistance but who live alone and are struggling with isolation, lack of stimulation, and often a degree of concern for their well-being should they have an accident with no one around.




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