Independent and Assisted Living

I. Independent Living for Seniors - Your Home is Waiting!

The Independent Living program in our home is designed for those who choose to pursue their lifelong dreams of doing the things that they were unable to do when they were raising a family or making a livelihood. We will find the resources for our Residents to enable them to engage in the interest they have long dreamed to learn, do and experience. Independent Living Residents will find that Cebu offers many options for activities and interests. Being the second largest cosmopolitan city, Cebu is the best place to live in the Philippines. Activities such as golf, fishing, hiking, ballroom dancing, cooking, baking, gardening, fine dining, mahjong and any other interests are encouraged.
Independent living is basically living in a home without the hassle of managing a household. Everything is done for you plus the benefit of having
other people close by, just in case a need for someone arises. You will have your private quarters (private room rate) and you could socialize or not according to your mood that particular day. We do encourage all our residents to befriend other residents as the goal of being in our home is to fill the void of loneliness. On the other hand, we also respect your privacy. We will work with all our residents to make them comfortable and at home
II. Personalized Assisted Living Home for Seniors
LIFE CARE's Personalized Assisted Living Home provides housing and supportive services to older adults who require assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, medication administration and more. The perfect home for retirement in the Philippines.
We understand and focus on the fact that everyone is unique. We realize that  because of each individual's family, cultural and economic background, our Senior Residents will have likes and dislikes different from each other. We will work very hard to be sensitive to these differences and attend to our Residents in a very personal manner. By customizing care services for the individual we hope to ease residents through the change of environment and earn their trust and confidence that we will be here for them.
Since Life Care is a small facility; we are able to offer one-on-one attention to each of our resident's needs. We serve each resident based on his or her unique needs and desires, much different than typical retirement homes abroad. By customizing service offerings for the individual and creating a preference-based relationship, our residents have the freedom to make choices that will deliver day-to-day satisfaction.
The personalized approach at our assisted living facilities focuses on:
  • Listen to our residents
  • Recognize those services that are essential to them
  • Integrating additional items they desire into every viable aspect of their life
  • Respecting individual preferences
  • Through Personalized Assisted Living, we create a lifestyle tailored to the needs and preferences of the individual. We also offer graduated levels of care to meet individual requirements and preferences. In this way, we can make daily life easier for our residents, by offering the necessary level of service and care as their needs dictate.




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